About Me

Mikhail Dikov is a Principal Software Engineer in the R&D team of Global 360. Mikhail has worked on various products and solutions at Global 360 spanning from legacy systems to the SharePoint components of Global 360’s BPM solutions. He has a passion for process modeling and optimization rooted in his background as process control engineer. In the past, Mikhail has been fortunate to work on business applications for banks in Europe as well as startups in the United States for the telecommunication and medical industries. Mikhail has worked for Global 360 since 2005, where he finds the perfect balance between his passions for business process automation and software innovation. In recent years Mikhail joined developers in the Florida .Net community, giving presentations at user groups and code camps, where he summarized and shared his knowledge in SharePoint development. For his contributions to the community, he was awarded the Microsoft MVP award for 2008 and 2009. Mikhail lives with his wonderful wife, and two amazing kids in hilly Lafayette, California