SCDNUG 2007 Retrospective

2007 was a great year for the Space Coast Dot Net User Group ( Ken Tucker the leader of the group and Microsoft MVP was able to invite all kinds of speakers starting from Scott Guthrie to local speakers, such as Christian Loris, Walt Williams and myself. Ken worked to improve the image and the message of the group and at the end of the year we even started our own book review program. Looking at the events this year I am amazed at the learning and network opportunities the group provided. And all of this at NO COST, FREE! Have a look at the speakers and judge for your self:

January - Ken Tucker - Community Launch Part 1

February - Mikhail Dikov - Community Launch Part 2

March - Scott Guthrie

April - Walter Williams - OOP

May - David McNamee - Windows Workflow

June - VB Team - What’s new in VB9

July - Brian Noyes - Connecting Apps with WCF

Aug - Christian Loris - Validation Application blocks

September - Jeff N Joe Road Show - Silverlight

September - Cory Foy - Ruby for C# developers

October - Russ Fustino - Tool Shed Tour

October - Mike Culver - Amazon Web services for the .net developers

Novemver - Ken Tucker - Intro to Linq

December - Joe Heally - Visual Studio 2008 Install Fest

We still need to be more proactive in popularizing the purpose and the value of our group to IT Pros and developers. I hope in 2008 we'll be able to follow the steps of other groups and do better job in distributing flyers in key locations in the Melbourne/Palm Bay/Cocoa area, and utilizing community resources, such as public radio stations and community colleges. We already started by creating a map on and improving our home page, but there is still a lot of potential and I hope in 2008 we will be able to bring the group to a new level.

Interested to learn more about SCDNUG check out our web site