Microsoft MVP Award

A day ago I received an E-mail from Microsoft that I have received the 2008 MVP Award for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. What a great start of the new year! This award is a great recognition for my SharePoint sessions on several code camps in Florida, my blog and other work I have done in the developer community. It is also a great motivation for what I have in mind for the upcoming 2008.

I would like to thank Ken Tucker, Joe Healy and the Florida developer community for organizing many great events and ultimately giving an opportunity to local developers like me to grow professionally and have fun doing it.

In the next couple of months I plan to build upon my experience in 2007 and attend several code camps as attendee and speaker. In addition I'll be looking into opportunities to write more extensively as a book reviewer, technical editor or author. Apress and other publishers have great user group programs, which I hope will bring me closer to this goal. I also plan to work on the much needed makeover of my site. I was postponing this for a while, but finally I am going to take Verio's generous web hosting offer for Microsoft developers and create a site that better meets the needs of my work.

Looks like a lot of fun, doesn't it!

For more information about the MVP Award visit:



Anonymous said…
Congratulations Mikhail, you deserve it!
Anonymous said…
Congrat Mikhail, you've become a teacher and mentor to the .NET community. Thanks for being there.
Catto said…
Congratulations, Mikhail!!! Very well deserved.
Anonymous said…