South Florida Code Camp 2008 - Recap

What a great event that was! The FlaDotNet user groups put together their 4th code camp with absolute ease (or at least they made it look like this) and with lots of sessions to choose from.

For those who came to my sessions, one big "Thank You!". Please follow the link at the end of the post to download the presentation slide deck and the sample code.

After I finished with my "work", which was in the first two time slots, I stayed in the SharePoint track for a presentation from Michael Lotter - InfoPath 2007 and Visual Studio 2008. This was a very well prepared and presented session and it gave me a good understanding of the moving parts involved in an InfoPath based solution.

In the afternoon I ventured in a non SharePoint waters. First Mark Miller got me hooked on CodeRush and Refactor with High Speed Development in Visual Studio with CodeRush and Refactor. Then Bill Reiss did a great preview on Silverlight 2.0 with some cool videos. I finished with the passionate presentation by Larry Port on Continuous Integration with CruiseControl.Net and Nant.

The after-party was a hit. Lot's of good food, drinks and smart people to talk to.

So, here are the links:

Slide deck 1

Slide deck 2

Code Sample



Anonymous said…
Hey Now Mikhail,
That sure was a great day & so was your session.