= healthcare revolution?

Every once in a while there is a technology or a service that will change our perception about the way business is done in certain areas of life. One such fundamentally different approach to healthcare is presented by Dr. Stephen Schueler and his team at

Before I joined Global360 about three years ago, I was for almost 4 years with DSHI Systems (the makers of and this was one of the most interesting and dynamic jobs I ever had. This is where I learned a lot about innovation, persistence and attention to details. What's now offered as a free service, has been used and tested for many years in big call centers nationwide. It is an enormous gain for the general public to have this service freely available.

Numerous times I find myself going to searching for information about family member's condition or simply for self education. However the most valuable feature the "virtual doctor" helped enormously in several critical occasions, where I had to make a choice whether to visit doctor, rush to the ER or simply stay at home, and this is huge!

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