BPM Q&A on Innovation

Something noteworthy happened today in the twittersphere. Two analysts from Gartner and Forester had a quick and very telling exchange about the state of BPM innovation.


Elise Olding, Gartner asked:



Connie Moore, Forester responded:

A: image

Coming from these two consultancies this means a lot to me for several reasons:

  • It is not a secret that many players in the BPM market have been aligning their roadmaps with incremental improvements so that they can fit the trend set by Gartner and Forester and this has certainly killed a lot of original ideas. Such message may encourage BPM players to stop chasing the BPM tail take some risk and bring fresh ideas to the table.
  • Connie's response brings joy to my heart as we at Global 360 have been working on people centric BPM  in oppose to process centric BPM for quite some time and such statement will continue to strengthen our commitment to persona-driven BPM.

My take: Yes innovation centered on people is essential especially for the pure-play BPM players. They will feel the pressure to differentiate their offers from the newly formed BPM giants to be able to grow after the recent tectonic movements in this market. However innovation is a fragile and unpredictable thing it needs to be fostered, cared for. Those that are able to pull this off will lead, the rest will wither. As a developer with healthy attitude towards design and innovation I am hopeful.