Live SharePoint/Global 360 Business Application Demo

After the feedback received from the webinar in December (see previous post). Global 360 is moving away from the slide deck and providing what our audience wanted most – a live demo of the our products working with SharePoint. No frills, no smoking mirrors.

Interested in seeing how you can leverage Global 360 and SharePoint to create a process platform?  Want to see first-hand how you can quickly and easily manage and monitor SharePoint-based documents and business processes?

Register to one of the two events:

Featured Speakers: Scott Kirkland VP, Product Management, Global 360


Karl said…
I should probably consider that application. It looks helpful for my business. The demo looks actually good.

business consultant
Joseph said…
That's what we want from you, a live demo of your products. That's a good idea because we would know these products well.

file llc
virtual office said…
As a visual learner, I can attest to the effectiveness of live demo teaching. I look forward to seeing your seminars.