South Florida Code Camp 2008

Yet another totally free event organized by developers for developers in South Florida will take place next Saturday, February 2nd, 2008. Dave Noderer and crew filled up the agenda with 72 sessions (That's right 72!) divided in 12 tracks. For full information go to

On this code camp I have two sessions. One topic, split in two parts. The somewhat clunky name Utilizing Visual Studio 2008 capabilities for better SharePoint Development comes as a result my work on several projects in the last months and some of the exiting new features of Visual Studio 2008. I tried to find an answer to questions such as:

  • How to use Visual Studio Web Designer to create certain types of SharePoint UI elements?
  • How to structure my projects, so that I can easily test the components outside of SharePoint?
  • How to structure my projects and what community tools to use, so that I have to think less about the process of creating SharePoint solution files?

These are all big questions when it comes to the transformation of SharePoint to an actual development platform. To answer these an other challenges of Sharepoint development I am going to demonstrate how to integrate an existing information system with SharePoint without compromising quality or scalability. The four topics I am going to address are:

Part 1

  • SharePoint infrastructure, or how to reduce the time and maintenance of SharePoint specific deployment and plumbing.
  • UI design, or how to use Visual Studio 2008 web designer and new CSS features to easily create SharePoint layouts pages and web parts.


  • Testing SharePoint solutions, or how to take most out of the newly added testing capabilities in Visual Studio 2008 Professional.
  • ASP.NET AJAX Extensions in SharePoint, or how to use it and how to automate the configuration of this ASP.NET extension.

To spice things up Apress provided several copies of Workflow in the 2007 Microsoft Office System by David Mann.

So if you are in the area come and join the geek crowd. Here is the location:

Devry University
2300 SW 145th Avenue Miramar,

FL 33027



Anonymous said…
Looking forward to seeing you on Friday and Saturday.

Catto said…
Hey Now Mikhail,
Your sessions look great, I may attend SharePoint pt 1.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting the slides and demo code!
If only there was a video of your presentation. =D

Congrats on the MVP award.

Mikhail Dikov said…
CS, I am glad you found the session useful and informative. Your suggestion to make a web cast is a great idea and I'll probably work on that in the future.