Monday, August 27, 2007

Jacksonville Code Camp 2007 summary

I would like to thank everybody who came to my session Developer's Introduction to SharePoint at Jacksonville Code Camp 2007. In this session I added an example of using RunWithElevatedPrivileges and a test code example based on WatiN, to create a functional test for the demo web part. You can download the slide deck and the code from here:

If you have questions about the code or the presentation post a comment to this message.

The code camp was packed with interesting sessions. The other sessions in the SharePoint track were:

  • What Every SharePoint Developer Should Know - Customization vs. Development by Andrew Connell (MVP & author)
  • Introduction to Web Content Management (WCM) in SharePoint 2007 by John Ross
  • Developing SharePoint 2007 with User Profiles, My Site and Social Networking by Brendon Schwartz (MVP)
  • Building Reusable CAML Queries in C# using CAML.NET by John Holliday (MVP & author)
  • Going Off Road With SharePoint - Using SharePoint from within your own application by Colin Borrowman

    Other session that I found interesting were:

  • Introduction to SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services by Brian Knight

  • The Role of an Architect by Jeff Barnes

  • And probably the most fun session of all to finish up the day was Robot Vision by Shawn Weisfeld. Shawn did a great job of explaining the algorithms for image analysis and finally set his I-Robot to chase Ken Tucker in the room. Very cool...


    Sunday, August 19, 2007

    Jacksonville Code Camp 2007

    Another code camp on the horizon. This is the first time I am going to be in Jacksonville and I am looking forward to meet the local geeks and to see one of the most beautiful cities in Florida. The area has very strong developer community and a lot of talented people. Some of them I already met at other code camps and TechEd and I expect to meet them and many others again. I am going to present an introductory session for SharePoint developers. There are still a lot of colleagues interested in exploring SharePoint and starting their first SharePoint project and I feel that the experience I gained in our last project has something to add to this topic. In addition to the usual starter samples I am adding an overview of all application development tools for SharePoint, emphasizing on the diversity of options and when to use them. In this session I am also adding one new topic - testing SharePoint applications. Since SharePoint applications can be very diverse, I am only scratching the surface by adding a sample about creating functional tests for SharePoint applications. It'll be a though week, with a trip to San Francisco and a whole week of meetings before that, but well worth the effort.