Thursday, October 11, 2007


Recently Scott Schwarze from the Orlando chapter of MOSSMOSIS invited me to talk about SharePoint WebParts and related issues. I was trilled to do this since I already started an AJAX project and it was great to have an opportunity to share some of my experience. The title of the talk was "SharePoint Web Parts - from Hello World to ASP.NET AJAX extensions", in which I gradually build up an AJAX enabled SharePoint WebPart and functional web tests for it.

MOSSMOSIS secured a great venue for their meetings (the downtown Orlando building of the Orange County School System) and provided excellent snack.

In addition I would like to thank all the MOSSMOSIS members, who came to the yesterday's meeting. You can download the slide deck and the samples from the links below:

SharePoint Web Parts - from Hello World to ASP.NET AJAX extensions:

Presentation slide deck

Code Samples


Sunday, October 07, 2007

Microsoft releases source code for .NET Framework 3.5

Last week ScottGu in his latest post unveiled a plan by Microsoft to release the source code of .Net Framework 3.5 to developers under the Microsoft Reference License and to add automatic debugging support for the framework libraries in Visual Studio 2008. Needless to say this is one of the biggest steps the software giant is making to help developers be more productive. One apparent improvement is that we'll be able to see what actually happens in those sealed classes, but we'll also have the choice to learn from the code new developer techniques or why not write alternative solutions. I also anticipate that a plethora of developers from the community will be digging deep into the code making suggestions for improvements, finding bugs, writing books about new tips and tricks and helping Microsoft define the next versions of the .Net framework.

It is a win-win situation and a change of monumental proportions for the .Net developer community, which will certainly increase the popularity of the .Net framework and its reliability.

.Net developers of planet Earth - rejoice!