Monday, October 19, 2009

Visual Web Part project item makes debut in VS2010 for SharePoint

Many novices and experienced SharePoint developers have been using the technique of hosting a UserControl in a web part. Traditionally beginners like it because it provides design surface similar to ASP.NET and allows them to be productive without learning all details of how custom controls work. ASP.NET developers entering the SharePoint world find it very convenient to reuse existing component or simply have a design surface available when developing web parts. I’ve recommended and used this technique in several projects and code camp sessions. However there was always the feeling that that this is a tricky solution somehow not a VIP in the SharePoint developer toolbox. 

The picture is changing with  SharePoint 2010 and VS 2010 tools for SharePoint, where a new project item is introduced. The Visual Web Part is delivered as part of the SharePoint tools and makes it even easier to hook up user controls to web parts. Novice developers are finally getting a design surface for SharePoint development out of the box.

This comes as no surprise for the Visual Studio team has been working hard to make the transition of ASP.NET developers to SharePoint and I find that their attempt with Visual Studio 2010 for SharePoint is very successful.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting ready for SharePoint Conference 2009


It has been a busy month getting ready for the SPC in Las Vegas. I am really proud that this time I am not going to be not only a visitor of the show, but take part of presenting what we at Global360 have been working on in the last months.

We’ve been working hard on improving the integration of Process360 with SharePoint and what better opportunity to show off our work than SPC. I think we’ve made some really good and unique progress in demonstrating how SharePoint can be used as an BPM application development and hosting environment.

While our sales team is going to hit the exhibition hall with demos, white papers, fun and swag, I am planning to hit the keynotes and the breakout sessions and blog about every bit of useful information I can get from the session. In addition to taking part at the conference exhibition Global360 has several big announcement to make at the show.

If you are at the SPC make sure to visit our booth.